Heinrich Reibel GmbH
Coconut products

Coconut 'Nadelfilz'

'Nadelfilz' rolls

500 g/sq.m to 2.000 g/sq.m

  • not on carriers or needled on jute, 'Typar' or 'Propex' textile
  • sprayed with natural latex or flame proofing agent
  • covered with wad or cotton fleece



'Kettnaht' rolls

1.000 g/sq.m to 2.500 g/sq.m

  • covered with wad or cotton fleece
  • slab forms or rolls


Coconut kernels

Coconut kernels

  • thickness 3 cm to 15 cm
  • only cuts
  • combined with vulcanized coconut fibres mats


Folding coconut

Folding coconut

  • thickness 4,5 cm
  • formed like an accordion, flexible and strong coconut kernel for adjustable slatted bed frames


Unburred fibres

Spun coconut   Unburred fibres

  • spun coconut opened and packed in bags á 10 to  25 kg


Vulcanized coconut and hair sheets
(rubber coconut / rubber hair)

  • RG 50 to RG 120
  • slap forms or rolls


Coco rubber pressflor

  • to RG 200
  • slap forms or rolls


Coco rubber forming

  • from 500 pieces upwards


Blackened coconut fibres ('Hollancrin')


  • spun and unburred (loose) fibres
  • needled on carriers (e.g. jute textile)



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