Heinrich Reibel GmbH
Horsehair products

'Nadelfilz' (stronger design)

'Nadelfilz' rolls   'Nadelfilz' slab forms

400 g/sq.m to 2.500 g/sq.m

  • needled on carriers (e.g. jute or latticed textile)
  • bonded by a spraying with natural latex
  • covered with cotton or wad fleece
  • rolls or slab forms


'Kettnaht' (loose design)

'Kettnaht' roll

1.000 g/sq.m to 2.500 g/sq.m

  • the same production possibilities as 'Nadelfilz'


Hard twisted product

Hard twisted product

Cleaned, spun and treated with damp hair from our spinning mill


Untwisted resp. reversed hair hanks

Bags à 25 kg


Loose or unburred hair hanks

Loose horsehair

Bags between 10 and maximum 25 kg


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